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کوهورت کمردرد

In the context of Fasa Cohort Study, the PIs have paid special attention to chronic pain including Low Back Pain (LBP) in the participants. As to the 8996 participants till June  2016to Fasa cohort study, 1642 individuals (18.3%) have reported to suffer from LBP. This includes 35.6 % men and 64.4% women. All LBP patients went through a special clinical process consisting of detailed history taking and physical exam as well as administration of state- of- the- art questionnaires evaluating several factors as pain quality and severity.The PIs have preferred to use standard questionnaires for LBP; Mc Gill and Ostwestry. Many details of patients’ health and medical histories are available. Nutrition and laboratory data are also recorded. For further advanced biological studies, a rich biobank has been prepared which includes plasma, clot, serum and whole blood samples. The follow up recruitment is ongoing.

The PIs welcome investigators in the field of pain sciences to collaborate in further research projects. 


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