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Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD) Research Center, affiliated to Fasa University of Medical Sciences, is pleased to announce research opportunities for interested researchers. Currently running Fasa Cohort Study (FCS), NCD research center is supportive of research protocols aiming to define the burden and risk factors for cardiovascular, neurocognitive and other noncommunicable fatal diseases and malignancies in the region. Enrolling more than 11000 participants in a defined population type cohort study, FCS is part of a large nationwide cohort (PERSIAN cohort, with more than 100000 participants of at least five diverse ethnicities in Iran. A biobank has been created here which consists of blood, urine, hair and nail samples of all participants, giving an exceptional opportunity for biomedical research.


As a growing regional research network, we are particularly interested in developing international cooperations and collaborations to maximize the chance of producing more practical studies as well as high quality research articles. You are invited to review the details of our study protocol and have access to questionnaires we’ve adopted at NCD research center has made the path for collaboration in one the three following ways:


  • Upon application, data and specimens are available to researchers if they have an approved research protocol. Steering Committee will decide to provide the requested information after reviewing the protocol in specialized groups.
  • PIs welcome creation of joint research teams to develop an international board of researchers with equal opportunity to access the data and biobank. NCD research center is pleased to host esteemed researchers in Fasa and provide transportation and accommodation facilities for a specified period. Fasa University of Medical Sciences readily supports relevant research protocols and award international collaborations with research grants.
  • NCD research center is primed to participate in internationally conducted research activities as the operational arm and provide granted protocols with executive and technical supports. FCS as well as Fasa Registry for Myocardial Infarction (FaRMI) and Fasa Registry of Systolic Heart Failure (FaRSH) are excellent opportunities for investigators interested especially in clinical trials.


As the vice chancellor for research and director of NCD research center in Fasa University of Medical Sciences, it’s my honor to invite you to collaborate with us in the above mentioned fields and help establish a research network with a brilliant future to come. Applications are available at Please follow the collaboration tab through become a member link to subscribe to our research center.



E Bahramali MD

Director of FCS


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